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Counter Strike 1 6


Taille: 290 MB

Posté: le 10 mars 2016

Vues: 1036

OS: Windows

Uploader: takata



Counter-Strike is a first-individual shooter amusement in which players join either the terrorist group, the counter-terrorist group, or get to be onlookers. Every group endeavors to finish their central goal objective and/or take out the contradicting group. Each round begins with the two groups bringing forth all the while.

List of server for play Multiplayer Online can be found here " Open Console And Type connect ip "For Join a Online server.

CS 1.6 System Requirements

If you are about to download CS 1.6 you should check system requirements first of all and compare it with your PC to be sure that game will work out!

Least requirements:
System: Windows XP (32-bit version)
Processor: One core processor with atleast 1.7 GHz speed
Memory: 256 GB RAM
Graphics Card: DirectX 8.1 level Video Card
Capacity: 4.6 GB GB accessible space

Prescribed requirements:
System: Windows 10 (64-bit version is recommended to play this game)
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 processor (3.0 GHz, or similar AMD one)
Memory: 512 GB RAM
Graphics Card: DirectX 9.0 level Video Card
Capacity: 4.6 GB GB accessible space

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